About the company

MCW Studios was founded by guitarist Michael Wilson in May 2019. This business started by doing guitar tracking for many artist locally and internationally. MCW Studios offers music production, lessons, and full rehearsal space.

With over 25 years of musical experience we can fulfil your musical aspirations.

About the musician

Michael Wilson, the owner of MCW Studios, is happy to be a part of the Kononykheen Family for the last 3 years and counting. He first started playing music at the age of 8 but started on guitar at age 16. Michael tours and does sessions in the Caribbean as well as the USA. Gospel, R&B, blues, rock, reggae, jazz, fusion, soca, zouk, bachata, neosoul and the list goes on — that’s what Michael is playing. By the time he joined the Kononykheen family Michael have been playing guitar for 20 years already. Declaring himself mainly as solo artist, he also get engaged to play with different bands and touring with them. He has experience touring to Florida, Chicago, US Virgin Islands, Saint Martin, Puerto Rico etc., and played with musicians and bands like SMS Experience, Sinach, Marion Hall, Dub Lab, Ziggi Recado, Khemistry, Freedom Fighters, Good Energy, Connis Vanterpool, Leonardo Richardson, Nikita Christmas, Corey Stoot, Adrian Scott, Malaika Maxwell, Shawn Wilkinson, Rosanna Castillo, Shawn Jacquet, Alicia Liverpool, KU-J and Petra Caramela.